Relaxing massage

Whether you need a therapeutic massage for specific problem areas or a relaxing Swedish style massage to calm your nerves, our massage therapists will customize a variety of massage techniques to suit your specific needs.


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Massage Pricing

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Leah's Signature Massage (45 min)
45 mins | $60

Enjoy a relaxation massage tailored to your needs along with your choice of scent and finished with a hot aromatherapy towel

Leah's Signature Massage (60 min)
60 mins | $75
Leah's Signature Massage (90 min)
90 mins | $115
Our Favourite Packages

At Leah’s Nail Lounge we want you to enjoy yourself. Time stops when you’re lounging and we want you to kick back and relax with us. We have packaged up a few of our favourites below so you can treat yourself the right way!

Straight Loungin'
90 mins | $90

Leah’s Signature 45 minute massage followed by Leah’s Pedicure

For the Boys
105 mins | $115

Leah’s Signature 45 minute massage followed by a MANicure and a Cool Pedi

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